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Helm are hard rock band from Priboj, Serbia.

Kontakt; 064 97 11 777
064 40 90 300

Rock band Helm (ancient Slavic name of Balkan Peninsula) was founded in 2011 in Priboj and our members are:
Goran Takić Tolla – lead guitar/vocals
Stefan Nikolić Šteks – bass guitar/backing vocals
Mladen Bijelić Japanac – drums.
By genre, our music belongs to the hard rock sound, while by the lyrics (to which we pay special attention) we try to reach all aspects of social life regardless if the topic is love, social status, sarcasm, or something utterly abstract.

At our concerts we try to “sharpen the edge” of which the good rock ‘n’ roll is proud of and convey the strength of our message to the audience by our songs, synchronicity, dynamics and groove.

Besides Priboj, Helm regularly plays in numerous clubs in the region i.e. Uzice, Cacak, Visegrad, Gorazde, Bijelo Polje, Rudo, Foca, Prijepolje, Ivanjica, Arilje, Novi Pazar, Nova Varos… In the summer of 2011 we were the opening band to Gale (Kerber) and Naida (Smak) and in 2012 we were the opening band to the YU Grupa. In the same year we were the highlight of the Lim Fest in Priboj during its first day, and the second day we played together with Rambo Amadeus. This summer we have opened the motocycling season in Smederevo, as an opening band to Dado Topic.

We are the finalists of the Belgrade Demo Festival Live 2013 which enabled us to present ourselves to Belgrade audience in the clubs such as the Blue Moon, Danguba and the legendary stage of KST. This year we were the finalists of 47 Gitarijada in Zajecar, where we won fourth place, according to the votes of the jury, out of over 300 bands that applied for the competition.

Besides motocycle gatherings, we would emphasize our attendance at the „MOST Fest“ in Bajina Baša as well as the „Drugom Stranom“ festival in Vrnjacka Banja.
The peak of our career (so far) is our own independent concert in Priboj on August 15, 2013, with professional light and sound equipment, with the opening bands Project Rakia from Netherlands and Error from Bajina Basta.

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