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Hype! are Rock/Garage/Alternative band from Zrenjanin, Serbia.

The five-member band „HYPE“, formed in the fall of 2009. plays alternative rock with the sincerity and energy of a garage band, fanatically committed to total authenticity of expression. Their sound image is a sublimation of classic rock and proto punk, and at the same time a repercussion of vibe from the most inspiring eras of the music scenes in Detroit, Seattle and Los Angeles, molded into uncompromising and straight-up 21. Century rock.

„HYPE“ submits everything to music, recklessly passing through the walls and genres. Releasing their songs from usual definitions and categorization, they allow each and every one of them to have a unique sound. This band has no political or ideological agenda but they passionately threw themselves into black humor, satirical penetration and attempt to break down taboos of the mass culture.

Explosive mixture of growling guitars, drum groove patterns, melodic bass lines and vocals in the spectrum of destructive subtleties to pure aggression, also unlimited quantities of always welcome subversiveness, will not leave anyone indifferent.

In four years of their existence they performed on numerous major festivals of the region – from Exit, through Warriors Dance festival, Concert of the year, INmusic festival, and all that without an official release, thanks to the raw energy and their unique approach to authentic rock and roll music.

Others about “Hype!”:

,,They mixed their alternative sound with garage in a series of witty songs, and the whole story
is leaded by the powerful vocals of their front-woman.

A band that will rule the regional scene in a few years!” (

,, There is this much-needed female, raw energy and powerful vocals in the style of Juliette Lewis! Female power that will hopefully
once change the world for the better.” (


“Hype!” are: lead-vocal Dragana Mijatović aka Gaga Lee, drummer Darko Kurjak („Partibrejkers”, „Memlah”), guitarist Pavle Kirćanski („Impurita”) and bassist Miloš Kralj („Memlah“). “Hype!” was in 2012. joined by an honorary member, the guitarist Dalibor Kurjak (former member of the band „Gluve Kučke“). Since 2014 Ištvan Barna is playing the bass.

“Hype!” realeased their album in March 2013. under the record label “Odličan Hrčak“. Announced by the single “Erase”, their debut album is simply called ,,Hype” and was recorded in collaboration with „Beogradska škola zvuka“ ( and produced by Ivan Kljajić.
Equally valuable was the help of studio „Hertz“ from Novi Sad ( and the fantastic young sound engineer Kuranji Filip, as well as studio „B & B“ in Belgrade who are all members of one perfect team that everyone would want to work with.

„Hype!“ had from the very start the full support of the editorial board of the cult TV show „Gruvanje“ Radio Television of Vojvodina.

The album „Hype“ is available in the music shop Pinball Wizard Records (TC Eurocentar, Makedonska 30) and in the Dallas Music Shop (Sremska 2), it also can be ordered on the site of the publisher ; ; ; ;

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