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Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band

Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band


Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band is an outlaw blues/country band hailing from Belgrade, Serbia.



Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band is a true outlaw blues/country band formed in 2010. In the beginning, it was a one man band, Jimi Triple-B playing the guitar & voodoo-chanting. Later, some people were passing through on the bass, cord, cajon….In the late 2011. it became a three piece band with Jimi Triple-B on vox & guitars, Stane on vox & bass and Count Boris on cajon. First self titled album came out in 2010. with guest appearance by Kheirawi, lead singer of a reggae band FC Apatride UTD. The second album is recorded in 2011. Two interesting guest appearances found place on the record, DJ Kizic, doing some sick voodoo blues beats and Adrijamajka, doing some great vocals. In the year 2013. the band recorded their third „full lenght“ album entitled „Black Crow Leads The Way“, still waiting for the publisher. Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band is currently performing all over the Serbia, doing „one night stands“, raising hell. The band’s shows are known for a lots of dirt, alcohol, smoke, voodoo, sex & punk rock. Outlaw blues/country like it supposed to be.


Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues – s/t 2010. (Incident Records)

Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band – Devil’s Got My Number 2012.

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  • Objavio: Cemalovic
  • Član od: april 16, 2013

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