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Milan Petrovic Quartet

  • Žanr: Jazz
  • Grad: Beograd
  • Država: Srbija
  • Vebsajt:
  • Objavljeno: maj 9, 2014 10:17 am
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Milan Petrovic Quartet


Milan Petrovic Quartet are jazz band frome Belgrade.



Milan Petrovic Quartet is formed by Milan Petrovic in april 2011.You can see more on
We play instrumental music with funk, blues, swing, jazz elements.
Our aim is traveling around Europe, meet and play with various artists and taking part in festivals and clubs.

Milan Petrovic was born on September 23, 1976. Since 1993 he is active in Serbian music scene. He is a keyboard player, songwriter and composer. In 1995 he joined popular reggae band – Del Arno Band. With them he recorded albums „Retrospective“, „Vreme Vode“,prepared unplugged album and played almost every big festival in Serbia and in neighborhood (until august 2009). Since 2002 he has performed with various blues bands such as Blue shark, Roosterblues band, Texas flood, Raw Hide, Bootleg blues (E 75) and Blue family. Since 2006 he is a member of stage band of a popular Serbian pop singer Ana Stanic. In november 2009 he started with recordings for his first instrumental (funk, blues, swing, acid jazz) album with various friends (some of them are top blues and jazz artist from Serbia).In may 2011 album is finaly finished and in march 2013 released.
Milan Petrovic Quartet was formed in april 2011, and first concert was in Belgrade, in hall Parobrod, 12.05.2011.
Second album „Favorites“ band released in september 2013.Today, MP Quartet is one of the most active bands in serbian jazz/blues scene.

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