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Vrane kamene

Vrane kamene

Kontakt 064 2743374


Vrane Kamene ( Crows of Stone ) are creative Rock, Heavy Rock band from Belgrade Serbia.

That outfit have found their own sonic signature. Providing the world with exceptional songs at the same time staying true to their origins recording in both English and their native language. Signed to the global and exclusive record label * Lawsuit Pending Records * can be deemed a remarkable achievement in itself after such a short existence. This can only be put down to Vrane Kamene’s (Crows or Stone) frontman Aleksander Pejicic his drive and vision to bring a concept together acquiring only the best and dedicated musicians to work together in harmony all of equal importance. A team that strive for perfection not only in their music but the whole package that is Vrane Kamene ( Crows of Stone )

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  • Objavio: Cemalovic
  • Član od: april 16, 2013

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