My Pale Skin

My goodness, dear young lady, you are absolutely beautiful. I first heard about your site by happening upon your video, You Look Disgusting, on Facebook. I have to say that I used to be horrified to see and hear the hateful things that individuals thought to you. I am so very sorry you experienced that abuse.

I applaud you for being so transparent, so daring, so daring, and so loving. Keep up the fantastic work. On another is aware, I would like to talk with you about your acne from an RN perspective, with the hope that I can offer some insight or help. I humbly submit to you that I must say I believe there’s more going on here than simply acne.

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When I see your face, this isn’t what most would consider typical acne. It appears more like an infection, which I believe you could very possibly be inadvertently spreading through the use of your brushes and makeup. With that said, if you have ever taken a microbiology class, bacteria multiply prolifically with hardly any effort and can be virulent in areas that people would consider neutral territory normally. For instance: one little bacterium embedded in a brush, within a few hours can become thousands when given the right ingredients.

Please hear me, Em. As an RN I deal with infections of many kinds everyday. A few things to consider if you haven’t already: I would recommend getting the trouble spots cultured by a professional dermatologist. You may even want to look at a specialist in the region of infection who can properly probe into this problem area a bit deeper and diagnose it properly. It might be worth your effort and time.

Em, I truly believe that you can have flawless skin. But I believe it will require a complete eradication of the bacterium that is leading to this infection. You have a great gift! And you are beautiful indeed. Keep up the great work. I understand you’re a motivation to many. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you truly.

It is very comforting, soft, moisturizing, & most importantly not greasy whatsoever! Very easy to apply. With a tiny pump I am able to cover quite a large skin area. Okay, therefore the fragrance level because of this serum is a little strong initially. But it evaporates quite quickly.

If you like flowery scent then you probably will like this serum. For me personally, it was very good and I am not a good enthusiast of flowery/fruity aroma on skin care. So, I would simply give it a three star. Do I LOVE It? I’d rate it as 3.5/5.0 for your I don’t enjoy the fragrance part. Besides that I think it was a good serum that able to provide the even and glowing complexion on skin. After applying the serum, it’s time for day cream during the day and nighttime cream during night time of your skin care regular.

This step is important to provide your skin with the perfect hydration and safety each day and evening. ♥️ Minimize harmful effects, e.g. pollution, dusts, During the day UV ray. ♥️ Smooth fine lines and wrinkles. ♥️ Revitalize pores and skin complexion. Using in the morning pursuing Reviving Serum. Apply on cleansed and toned face perfectly, neck, and lower neck line. Massage into skin Gently.

I would actually rate it as 4.5/5.0. It had been more creamy and greasy set alongside the reviving serum slightly. However, it generally does not give me oily finishing after leaving it on my face. It had been actually nice and I felt my face was smoother and softer. Similar to the reviving serum, it has quite a strong scent that I don’t enjoy it.