Miss Witkowski’s Computer Science Discoveries Class

Finish Marketing Project if not completed. If you are finished with Marketing Project get ready to present. The students, who are finished, will start the presentations. After they are finished, we will minimize presentations for two minutes to debate Tuesday’s lesson. Finish Thursdays’s bell ringer: Read web page 241 and write down the 5 Steps in the buyer Decision-Making Process on the trunk of your buying behavior worksheet.

Write 5 sentences (one for each step) about how you will observe the steps when you get your first car. Miss W will go over Tuesday’s instructions. 1. Students will review the questions that will be on the Marketing test. This isn’t a grade, however, you will take the relevant questions that you miss and create a study guide.

  • Minimise population (a similarity to deep ecology) to be able to reach sustainable harmony
  • Quick approval decisions
  • Professional Greetings
  • Configuring firewall rules to limit access to the vulnerability
  • Managers could find handling and managing change at work challenging

The research guide will be for a grade. The less questions you miss on the review the less work you should have on the analysis guide. 2. Do Part 1 Introduction to Financial Planning and then do Part 2 Developing Business Budgets. You’ll be playing business games at the start of the exercise and then answering questions. You will NOT be graded about how well you did on the games.

The grade will be on answering the questions. We are going to preview the games so you understand how they work nevertheless, you may ask questions and you may partner with another pupil so long as both of you do the worksheet. Part 1- RESTAURANT You will need to choose your product design and pricing.

Part 2- T-Shirt Company You will need to make financial decisions about a business. By the end it is vital to duplicate your earnings and expenses figures to the worksheet. You won’t be graded about how you did in the game but that you copied the info and completed the worksheet.

This is another poor business model that harms the occupation. Why do I feel this way? It dates back to my earlier comments about emphasizing the incorrect thing. The vets and technicians in these clinics often will not execute a thorough exam, giving the photos and moving on simply. A lot of things can be missed this real way, such as periodontal disease, heart murmurs, tumors, and many other problems that the owner might not have noticed.

These clients likely won’t go to a vet for a separate annual exam, which means that disorders can go skipped for a long time, sometimes becoming very advanced where it may be more difficult to take care of. Again the emphasis is on the vaccine Once, not on the exam, which is the wrong message to send to the people.

I’m going to be a little harsh for a moment, but this is nothing at all I haven’t said many times in the past. If you fail to afford basic, proper care for a pet, you shouldn’t have a family pet whatsoever. If someone doesn’t have the money for regular veterinarian visits and preventative care, they should get a hamster or Guinea pig, not a cat or dog.

Pet possession is not just a right. And doing annual vaccines is insufficient for proper healthcare alone! I simply can’t emphasize that time enough. Full physical exams are essential and can prevent much more serious problems down the road. However, I do recognize that individuals fall on crisis. I feel that shelters and discount vaccine clinics must have a way screening treatment. 20,000 a year certainly would benefit from these clinics (though I’d argue they shouldn’t have a pet whatsoever). 100,000 should be excluded from shot clinics annually.