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I want to know what would look best for my face makeup I have blue eyes with dirtyblondehair? I wish to know what would look best for my face make-up I have blue eyes with dirtyblondehair? I’d use a dark brown eye liner on your top lid %26amp; underneath your bottom lashes. 26amp; the optical eye shadow if you want it, in blues w/a rose too. If you want to choose the navy eye liner, that’s going to go good too.

Also, while the label and Internet site claims that it’s a “weightless” product, I didn’t like the residue it still left on my hair. Perhaps, the fact that I was presented with the “Extra Hold (3)” version didn’t help. It’s designed for “frizzy/curly/coarse/dense” hair, but mine is actually more wavy and delicate. The hold was just overweight for my hair.

The company also claims that the merchandise provides sun protection for your hair. The ingredient list does include Octyl Methoxycinnamate, but as it isn’t an active ingredient, and there are no founded guidelines on the market or provided by the FDA regarding sunscreens for hair, this is much meaningless pretty. SEAL, however, is getting all kinds of hair love from me.

I totally heart SEAL. You put a few drops into the hand of your hands, rub the hands together, smooth the merchandise over wet, or even dried out locks then. I’ve been using it on wet hair, and I’m tellin’ ya, when my hair dries, it looks gorgeous. My husband greeted me at work the other day when I visited pick him up with a huge Wow.

This stuff’s light, super-easy, and odorless to use, even a hair idiot like me can wield it like nobody’s business. SEAL helped relaxed the frizz without fuss or muss. My hair appeared soft and felt silky smooth just. I think it may even have done a happy dance, it was so healthy. I’d definitely recommend Hairplay’s Seal, especially if you’re the wash-and-go type like me who doesn’t want to invest a lot of time or money on her behalf hair but who still wants it to look good, you know? I’m not sure about Set, but I would change my mind if I attempted the Light or even Medium hold variations. I’m still not loving the mousse-like residue, though. If you have attempted either or both of these products, I’d love to hear your take on them! 19.50 for an 8-oz container. 22.00 for a 4-oz container.

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One phrase to the wise: all sheet masks aren’t made alike! The best ones stay damp for the full-wear time or even more (more with this below in our sheet masks guide). If you’d like a guide from what sheet masks to buy, we have two! Our top 20 sheet masks are available here and our top sheet masks for greasy skin are available here. It could be hard to hear, but most individuals who apply attention cream are doing it wrong. Using the band finger is the simplest way as it uses the correct amount of pressure rather than your pointer finger, which will push harder since it’s used more regularly.

The skin round the eyes are really that sensitive! In addition, it dries out easily, so layering your eye cream in chilly months is not just a bad idea either. One craze among superstars in South Korea is to wear eyesight cream as an evening moisturizer all around the face. But given that they have bigger bankrolls than we do likely, we might leave that for special events. In the end these layers, a thick layer of cream must sound just a little crazy.

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