THE BRAND NEW Vice-Chancellor Was Von Papen

THE PHOTOGRAPHS could have kept 60 million lives. These were taken on 4 January 1933, beyond your Cologne home of Baron Kurt von Schroder, a well-connected German banker. Captured on film as they approved through the baron’s gates were Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Wilhelm Keppler, and Heinrich Himmler. A time later Franz von Papen, the dismissed German Chancellor and romantic friend of Reich Leader lately, Paul von Hindenberg, joined up with them.

Within hours, this photographic proof the Cologne conspiracy is at the hands of Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher. By another morning Berlin’s newspapers were denouncing Hitler’s “secret meeting” with von Papen. It became little and too later too. January Hindenberg had replaced von Schleicher with Hitler By 30.

The new Vice-Chancellor was von Papen. Let me state very clearly at this point that I do not consider Mr Lusk to be a Nazi nor indeed a fascist of any kind. If the material related to him (and he has not disowned some of it) offers us any guide, then Mr. Lusk’s political beliefs match very closely those of the extreme right-wing of America Republican Party. New Directions: Simon Lusk is apparently drawing his political inspiration from the far-right-wing of the US Republican Party.

Mr. Lusk has been pursuing his programs for a plutocratic (or, to use the vocabulary of the leaked documents “fiscally conservative”) government, led by users of an ideologically re-booted National Party, for at least 3 years. Tellingly, the earliest documents look to the United States not only for inspiration but funding.

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5 million from conventional American donors, “an enduring right majority center, with a pro-United States perspective on the world stage” can be elected to parliament. A couple of those who dispute the attribution of “evil” motives to the author of these documents. They point to the fact that Mr. Lusk has devoted considerable time and energy into making himself one of the very few professional political consultants working in New Zealand. Could it be not possible, they argue, these documents, intended for the optical eye of like-minded National Party members, might simply be Mr Lusk “writing his own job description”?

Well, yes, of course it might. But, even if that’s true, the sinister areas of the plans related to Mr Lusk are in no way reduced. He is already credited with assisting four individuals into parliamentary seats: Sam Lotu-Iga; Louise Upton, Chris Tremain, and Jamie-Lee Ross. Political commentators are constantly linking his name with the alleged leadership aspirations of Justice Minister, Judith Collins. The documents he could be thought to have authored speak openly of the present National Government being “a disappointment to fiscal conservatives” and guarantee “you will see a clean out” following a party’s next defeat.

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