Food For Nerve TREATMENT

Food for nerve pain can assist many people who suffer from chronic pain every day. Painful conditions such as sciatic nerve pain and diabetic nerve pain have become epidemics in the US and the World. Read on to find out how I found foods that helped me with a very unpleasant pain condition, and you can find nerve treatment naturally like I did ideally.

In 2012 at the age of 32, I used to be diagnosed with CRPS -Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- in my own right hand credited to a string of accidental injuries and bad surgeries. Since then it has quickly spread to my right make and my remaining lower leg and hip. My doctor can’t give me grounds for the spreading and I can’t wait for an answer to be discovered.

More and more we’re hearing magic stories of people curing themselves with food for nerve pain. Women and men curing cancer and diabetes, simply by changing the way they ate just. As a journalist with CRPS/RSD I had formed to trust I’d find nerve food and that is exactly what I set out to do. Update: Since I composed this short article on Food for Nerve Pain, and resided my life because of it, my own body changed and my nerve pain reduced and on some known levels completely went away. My CRPS has of now (2019) been in remission for over 4 years!

Because of my new found health my profession has grown and I’ve authored 3 books! SHED WEIGHT by Eating, SHED WEIGHT By Eating Detox Week (lots of food for nerve pain in this book!) and my most recent book, Lose Weight With Your Instant Pot. In my own research there are foods that cause and aggravate nerve pain and some that help and remedy, so using myself as a guinea pig, I’ve started on a fresh diet that seems simple and inexpensive.

This diet is low in meat and chicken and free from artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives, all which can aggravate nerve pain. My new diet is high in vitamin C, omega 3 essential fatty acids and B12, all recognized to provide nerve treatment and invert damage even. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives have been recognized to cause fibromyalgia and seizures. “Artificial” here is the key word, if we are trying to repair our bodies, we have to remove all foreign objects including chemicals such as artificial sweeteners from our diets. Along with that preservatives, artificial dyes and basically whatever you can’t pull from the bottom or from the sea.

Think all natural, the way our ancestors ago prepared 100 years. When you cook or heat food it loses ½ of its nutritional value including vitamins and protein, so that it is important to eat as much raw food as you can. Furthermore in my research countries that consumed 5% or less of animal proteins in their daily diets got 1/10 of the diseases and malignancies than the countries that consume high amount of pet proteins such as the United States.

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Vitamin C strengthens your disease fighting capability, eases nerve pain, repairs damaged nerves, decreases your threat of developing autoimmune diseases, slows the aging increases and process metabolism. Bell and sweet peppers as well as chile peppers, guavas, papayas, thyme, parsley, kale, mustard greens, spinach and garden cress. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, oranges, limes, grapefruit and lemons. Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, cherries, black currents, melon, kiwi and tomatoes. Omega 3 essential fatty acids improve disease fighting capability function, decrease inflammation in your body, prevent nerve damage and lessen nerve pain. Salmon, halibut and tuna, flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, fish broth, basil, oregano, broccoli, spinach, free range eggs, brussel sprouts, olive oil, nuts, cabbage, tofu, green coffee beans, strawberries and kale.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is rather common and can cause nerve pain. Your anxious system requires vitamin B12 for proper function and maintenance. Farm raised meat, poultry, eggs, milk and other milk products, shellfish and seafood and beets. Water is so important to nerve health! SUPERCHARGE your drinking water with Vitamin C rich drinks, see my fruit infused waters.

It’s time to get in your kitchen! This nerve pain diet has helped me drop almost most of my medication in half or more, and my daily pain degrees of 4-8 are actually down to 0-4 with only a few spikes per month. I’ve used a new “attitude” about my nerve pain also. I make an effort to only think of it in the past tense.