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DO YOU Wear This Look Out?

First of most I want to apologise massively for the lack of posts, I’ve been feeling uber guilty about it, but I’ve been so occupied it’s just been impossible to blog. But I back am. I have some more leisure time over another few weeks therefore I shall be catching up with reviews and makeup looks among other posts, so feel free to email or tweet me your requests!

This week the FFF is back (FOTD Frooti Fridays), it’s one I did so before my holiday to Malaysia in May but has used forever to publish as I wanted to upload it with the video tutorial.. Wish it is loved by you! After priming the eyes with UDPP & NYX JEP, I marked out the crease with the RT Detailer/Multi take brush and Blackout eyeshadow, creating a tiny flick at the ends and filling it slightly with the shadow. Utilizing a rounded blender brush, I used Proof in the triangle filled up somewhat area and combined inwards; I combined up-wards and inwards with a longer haired blending clean then. Add more Evidence with the fluffy blending blush if needed.

With a flatter eyeshadow brush add Peace eyeshadow (Deluxe Shadow box) to the internal corner of the eyes. Then add the Deep End (Anniversary Palette) to the rest of the eyelid with a set shadow brush. Next add La Femme eyeshadow in Bisque to the brow bone and mix inwards to the internal corner of the eye. With an extended haired fluffy blending clean add Junkshow (Anniversary palette) just above the navy blue Evidence.

With a tapered mixing clean, add Blackout (Anniversary palette) in the crease and blend upwards and inwards. Go in with Bisque on the browbone if needed back. Clean up under the optical eye and on the outer corner, pulling upwards. With the UD Electric 24/7 pencil, line the inner bottom lash line, another of the true way in, then the middle part with Flipside pencil and finally with Deviant pencil on the outer bottom lash line. Blend with a multitasker brush somewhat.

Perversion vision pencil was applied to the inner waterline and Inglot AMC gel eyeliner in dark (77) was used to make the prolonged top liner and bottom wing from underneath lash range. Using the same angled liner clean, use the remains of the gel eyeliner to carve the bottom and top eyebrow lines and complete with the remaining color or brow natural powder/matte eyeshadow if needed.

For the rest of the face I striped the Urban Decay concealer in ATF where needed and combined with a set foundation brush, then applied Makeup Forever HD base in N153 and blended with a damp beauty blender sponge. I set the under eyesight concealer with a little Ben Nye Banana powder and applied the Urban Decay Toasted bronze in the hollows of the cheeks with the RT contour brush. Then I added MUA Undress YOUR SKIN LAYER highlighter on the top of the cheeks and Benefit Bella Bamba blush on the apples of the cheeks. Below is the video tutorial, if you would like to follow detail by detail, please feel absolve to show me how yours appeared! Which lip do you prefer with this look? Do you out wear this look?

Loose powders can be sloppy and pressed powders can be cakey. It depends upon my mood. I sometimes coating them to get more stamina and coverage. I favor using powder highlighters. On times when my epidermis is relaxed and I don’t possess much blemishes, I mix some of my MAC Strobe Cream with BB Cream for a more luminous and dewy glow. I used to use my fingers for applying BB Cream. However now that I have a set-top clean, it is easier for me to apply face products.

  • Natural wasabi treat seasoning [that has sugar and dextrose in its makeup]
  • Fertilize your garden mattresses if you didn’t reach it earlier
  • Handy for travel but wish there are more smaller container for exploring
  • Gentle exfoliant you can use every day
  • 2 years back from SW England

I still use my fingers on putting on makeup. Besides, fingertips to help warm up any product, making it easier to work with. I rarely use sponges. If I do ever, I use it for patting on pressed foundation on top of BB Cream. I favor waterproof makeup. Its good that it was part of the tag.

It made me realize that I acquired a lot of waterproof products. I love using waterproof products in order that they won’t diminish easily if I sweat or cry. Now, I cannot live without BB Cream. Year Ever since last, my hormonal acne worsened, making me believe that my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) has got worse.

I can get away with BB Cream and lipstick/balm. They are what I use frequently, especially when I feel lazy to put on some makeup. There you have it! Please, send me a web link, okay? I’d like to know your requirements! Day Have a beautiful! Are you experiencing any request or questions? Just leave me a comment below, message me on FB, tweet me or email me! Have a look at my “Contact Me” page for additional information.

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