Are Business Meals With Clients And Customers Deductible?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be No starting January 1, 2018. You likely have heard conflicting information on the deductibility of business meals with clients and potential customers. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act repealed all the business meals deductibility provisions which were created under the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The Tax Reform Action of 1986 requirements below is listed.

The repeal means the guidelines that allowed client business meals when directly related to or from the active carry out of your business are actually gone. Sam possesses a taxes practice and requires Silvia, a potential customer, to lunch time and will pay for each of them. Now, because of taxes reform, this lunchtime is not deductible.

Sara and Jim are both dental practitioners in private practice. Each goes to dinner to go over a new piece of equipment that could benefit their practices. Both pay for their own meal. No deductions are got by them. Due to tax reform, Dutch-treat business meals are no longer deductible. Fred requires a client of many years out to dinner to help him with his business plans because of this year. They review the plans in detail. The client accumulates the tab. Fred’s client may not deduct the business meal. Sam owns a tax practice and provides meals to his employees for his convenience, the meal is 50% deductible. Old guidelines 100% deductible.

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