Is Finally The Time Now

I had an extremely busy week of doctor’s trips. On Wednesday, I visited to see both Physical Medicine doctor and then my therapist. It had been early Wednesday morning, I mean really early so I was seeking to wake up a little bit still. I had been in the area waiting to be seen by her, so I decided to go on my phone to help make the time pass.

As I looked around the area to look at my surroundings, I occurred to note a full-size reflection on the relative aspect. I glanced into it caught an image of myself sitting in the chair so I decided to take a selfie to talk about with everyone and keep for myself.

  • Howley, Edward T. and B. Don Franks “Health Fitness Instructor’s Handbook” 1997
  • Plank to push-ups
  • Reduce glucose and liquid calories
  • Strength training exercises

And, in that moment, my world shifted. I am posting a large image of this is because I don’t ever want to forget how I experienced in the moment. How do I here get back? It’s true that I haven’t gained all my weight back from my Optifast adventure, but I’m knocking on the entranceway. The physician finally arrived in and we talked about the pressing concern with my knee. She believes it’s bursitis in my hip, so she had me change into a gown, lay on my side, and she proceeded to provide me a cortisone shot directly into my hip. Painful, yes, but it paled compared to what I was feeling internally about my image in the reflection.

After talking about physical therapy options beside me for my leg, she proceeded to talk to me about weight reduction options. I have already been doing the Jenny Craig program and indicated how everything had been going there. Another appointment, that same day, was with my therapist. Would I be happy with this decision or perhaps looking for more?

So I spoke even more with a friend and I ended up calling the medical center where I did so Optifast to ask about the full-food program. For the time being, I proceeded to go home that night and do a great deal of praying for God showing me the right path. I finished up sending an e-mail to my primary care doctor and asked her if I will be a good candidate for bariatric surgery.

Yup, that right is read by you. Several years before I went on Optifast, I had developed contacted the clinic to get some information on surgical options actually, but I chickened out at the right time. I just wasn’t ready. I remember talking about it with my dad and he was dead-set against me carrying it out.