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The key data in those reports will be their inflation measures, said Ken McCarthy, chief economist for vFinance Investments. The central banking institutions mission has been to lift rates enough to aid a growing overall economy but keep prices from climbing. One consumer remarks: Don’t ask me why, but I must say i appreciate someone publishing this investments article. I really had a need to read something similar to this and get straight on it. This is one of the best on topic sites when it comes to investments.

In particular, the historically high ratios of the late 1990s and today are consistent with rational expectations about dividend growth. Santoni, G. and A. Tabarrok. 2002. Expected Dividend Growth, Valuation Ratios and Rational Optimism. The main weakness of the paper is that Tabarrok and Santoni make use of the Gordon development model, which assumes a constant growth rate for dividends, which we’ve shown only keeps for limited periods of time. Also, inside our view, Gordon’s development model dances around the real non-linear allotropic relationship between dividends and stock prices, which we uncovered just over a year ago. Essential Reading to Get Up to Speed with Us!

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2007-12-06 The Sun, in the Center We used historic data for the S&P 500 to discover the essential power-law relationship that exists between dividends per share and stock prices. 2007-12-17 Deriving the Price Dividend Growth Ratio We do hard core algebra to recognize why is up the different parts of the fundamental relationship between stock prices and dividends.

2008-06-24 Stock Prices: Normal Until They’re Not, But They’re Not Normal! mon Stock Market Crash 2008-11-19 The Black, Described This is the post that led to this one directly. We identify changes in the acceleration of the growth of dividends as an integral factor driving changes in stock prices. We’ll be taking a closer understand this event again sometime in the future, even as we were rather stunned to see the correlations obvious in the data since 2001, which we provided in this post. 2008-08-28 Hey Look – Brownian Motion!

2008-07-15 Defining Bubbles, Order, Disorder and Disruptive Events We provide our operating meanings for each of these concepts describing the associated states of the stock market. 2008-03-18 Recognizing Disorder in the Stock Market How do you know when how things were aren’t just how they’re going to be with shares? We discuss how to identify when disorder erupts in the currency markets. 2008-06-12 Emerging Order in the CURRENCY MARKETS The flip side to our post on how to identify when disorder has erupted in the currency markets. Plus, we bring in quantum phenonoma!

2008-01-23 Distress, Recessions, Market Bottoms and the Future We find an interesting relationship between when the market hits bottom, recessions and peaks of distress as measured by our price-dividend development rate proportion! 2008-01-09 The Beating Heart of the CURRENCY MARKETS Here, we find we may use the price-dividend growth rate ratio as a tool to gauge the level of distress in the stock market. 2006-12-06 The S&P 500 close at hand We put the whole history of the S&P 500, including the index’ price, dividends, and profits data at your fingertips!

As an additional benefit, we also find the pace of come back between any two calendar months in the index’ history, both with and without inflation and with and without dividend reinvestment! Update: We modified the Elsewhere on Political Calculations portion of this post to include our list of posts into a powerful sorting table. Just click on the column headings to sort the table by date or post title! For most living Americans, Detroit has never been anywhere however in the yellow and red corners of the four-square diagram above. Asked a different way, how would making the cars the federal government mandates the carmakers to build to fulfill political special interest groups rather than the cars U.S.

Felix Salmon gets the right idea: specialty area. Detroit needs to focus on those specific niches within the U.S. Speaking of which, if anyone desires to know what specific niche market would satisfy us as a U.S. Sigh. Only if Detroit were looking to go out with a bang rather than whimper, we wouldn’t have to stay for a British import. Speaking of which, the Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition is available at Amazon.

For real MST3K connoisseurs, we recommend The Essentials, which includes the seasonal Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and our favorite modern Xmas standard Let’s Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas (lyrics here). Here, whenever we integrate the latest in dividend futures data, we find an apparent disconnect between the magnitude of the current stock price drop and the most severe ever documented annualized dividend growth rate.