The Fortress Asia Macro Fund (FORAMLP)

As a 10-year-old boy, This day Danny Yong got advice after his father’s loss of life from cancers that drives him to. “My mother told me then, ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you just because your father died,’ ” he said within an interview in his office in Singapore, where he was born and raised.

Danny Yong, CEO of Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore) Pte. Danny Yong, CEO of Dymon Asia Capital, says the ability to understand China, the world’s fastest-growing major overall economy, is “crucial” as it has enabled Dymon to help make the right bets on plan shifts months beforehand. Yong, 40 now, is the envy of Asia’s hedge-fund world, season where he outperformed all managers last.

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1 billion this past year. 2.5 billion in its main macro account. “It has been our experience that undisciplined managers easily become victims of their own success,” said Peter Rup, main investment officer of New York-based Artemis Wealth Advisors LLC, which invests in hedge money for clients. The Dymon Asia Macro Fund — which looks for to gain on macroeconomic tendencies by wagering on bonds, currencies, stocks, and commodities — has stopped taking new money to focus on its investments.

1 billion, relating to data published by Bloomberg. Yong’s account made money by short-term trading in the times pursuing Japan’s March 11, 2011, earthquake, that month assisting his fund gain 8 percent, Yong said. The finance covered its brief positions on March 14, the first day of trading after the quake, and went the Nikkei 225 index futures four days following the quake long, he said. Being long Chinese Yuan for six months through August and turning long U.S. September as Greece’s personal debt problems deepened, contributed also. The MSCI World Index (MXWO) fell 8.9 percent in September.

In a short sale, a supervisor borrows the security and offers it in the wish it could be bought back later at a cheaper price. Asia-focused hedge money lost an average of 8.yr 4 percent last, according to Eurekahedge Pte. 82.1 billion at the final end of 2011, Hedge Fund Research said. Twenty years ago, Yong was serving his compulsory armed service, becoming procedures officer of the 24th Battalion of the Singapore Artillery.

Back in civilian life, he went on to review as an undergraduate at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, getting first-class honors in financing and banking. After a stint in the financial engineering department of a local bank, Yong took a job in 1997 at what’s now JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), where he was a trader on the Asian markets derivatives and fixed-income desk.

It was here that he met his wife, Hsin-Li, a Cambridge graduate working in the economic research department. Today, she has left banking to provide for their three children, ages eight, five and three. A holiday to Hong Kong where he fulfilled up with a pal at Goldman Sachs turned into an employment offer from the Wall Street firm. “It was pretty close and there were significant risk- taking in the hands of go for few individuals Atlanta divorce attorney’s region,” Levinson said in an interview of the time he and Yong distributed at Goldman Sachs. Yong then spent 2 1/2 years with Goldman Sachs in Japan as head of trading for South Asian derivatives, set income and foreign exchange.

In November 2005, he became a member of Kenneth Griffin’s Citadel, where he setup and ran Asia currencies, interest levels, relative-value, and macro trading. Then, the next step toward self-reliance: in February 2007, he became chief investment official and a managing partner of Abax Global Capital Ltd., an asset manager part-owned by Morgan Stanley. 113 million from Tudor as well as companions and employees. Month The next Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. collapsed and the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression ensued.