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Stuck In 9 To 5

Today was each day of thorough thinking about concentrating my mileage making on Delta. I cut a deal with a pal a while back again to trade his United vouchers for a Delta prize ticket. I acquired a good use of the vouchers for my setting plane tickets for my recent mileage run to NORTH PARK and back again. Today I booked the award trip for him.

I needed to fork over 40,000 skymiles to get the ticket. This also happens to be for an award ticket to NORTH PARK from Atlanta. I’ve noticed recently that the majority of award-seat tickets prices for the medium and high tier of miles. It appears to be getting increasingly difficult to find the low-level awards.

The result: Delta Skymiles are well worth a LOT less if you ask me now. I am just a little backwards and forwards since I pretty much have to take a flight Delta for workout of Atlanta. I could do Airtran however they are terrible as a flight and even worse for award plane tickets (no international to speak of). I will still be gaining Delta miles from work plane tickets. I shall make the best use of them that I could.

If I did start diverting my credit card earnings I am going to go with United. I used to be amazed how easy it was to find low-level prize seats to Asia and Europe when preparing in advance. In addition, it helps they are part of Star Alliance and have more options because of the sheer number of airlines they can book with. They are not great out of Atlanta but I am going to take a supplementary layover if it requires half the was to get me where I want to go. Regardless of who I earn with I get 1 mile per dollar spent.

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I need to maximize this! I have not made my decision yet but I know my long-term loyalty shall shift to Star Alliance/United. As long as the award booking stays this plentiful and simple they will get my business. I am weighing both options trying to balance long term versus short-term needs. For I may end up splitting it for flexibility now. More on this when I finalize my strategy!

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