Career Development Plan

In this task, you will recommend the the different parts of a career development planning program and describe the way the plan will combine the organization’s mission and value claims. You work in the HR Department of a power power company in the southwestern region of the U.S. The company was founded in 1940 and has an excellent reputation as a provider of electricity. It is also regarded as a superb corporate citizen and regarded as an excellent place to work. It has been positioned among the very best three employers in the grouped community for quite some time.

Its mission is to provide customer’s needs for electric power in ways offering exceptional value to all or any stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, and the areas in which it functions. Its values include providing a safe work environment; respect and fairness for customers, employees, shareholders, and companions; honoring commitments to wisely use resources; providing a superior quality of work life because of its employees; and striving for brilliance and having a great time. Given its long background, a lot of its current employees are children or grandchildren of former employees so there are close family ties to the business as well as a sense of commitment.

However, technological advancements in the power generation business over the years have resulted in jobs being either redesigned or eliminated. For example, before, the business had many employees who read meters, which showed the amount of electricity used by households. Meter readers traveled from house to accommodate every month to log the information for billing purposes. Now meters are read automatically and data is used in the billing department via computer.

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This technical advancement eliminated the necessity for many employees who were necessary to resign, be let go, or be retrained for other positions in the business. A challenge is faced by The company as it strives to maintain its reputation as an excellent employer in the community, and, leverage advances in technology yet, which help it increase efficiency and remain competitive.

The HR division will have conducted a needs assessment as part of its strategic planning process to regulate how the business will achieve its goals and objectives over the next 5-10 years. This evaluation identifies areas where employees with new skill-sets will be needed as well as areas where current employees with skill-sets may need to be either maintained or reduced (let go). Within their annual performance appraisal, all employees will draft a personal and professional development anticipate their own which will then be talked about with their manager. This course of action should cover a five-year period and become altered and reviewed annually.

It should include both formal training programs and specific initiatives to aid personal and professional development passions. This process should help the business achieve a greater profits on return (ROI) from its training budget thus enhancing the bottom range. 1. Develop a six-to-eight-page record in Word format detailing how you’ll approach and organize an application to handle needs for development of the business as well as individual employees. Be sure to obviously clarify how you would create the plan, but do not create the program itself. 1. Identify the info needed to develop a template that will be used to complete the individual employee’s learning plan.

2. Identify the info needed to be able to build up the company’s needs assessment. 3. Explain how you would coordinate both the individual employee’s plan and the company’s needs assessment into a comprehensive development plan. Make sure to identify gaps or overlaps. 4. Explain how you’ll utilize this information to make a roadmap for development of a career development program for the business.

5. Identify other factors that should be considered in this program’s development. 6. Explain the way the proposed plan would help managers effectively guide their employees in developing individual career development programs that are integrated with and support the company’s mission and values. 1. Next, create a PowerPoint demonstration for the mature management explaining how this proposed plan would contribute to the resolution of HR issues facing this company. Utilize at least three scholarly resources in your quest. Apply APA criteria to citation of sources. Be sure you write in an obvious, concise, and structured manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.