HOW WILL YOU Best Advocate That?

A recent appearance by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Asia Society can be an important marker for US energy and environmental plan. Significantly the push is coming not from the Department of Energy just, but also State, which shows that this can be an important concern for the Obama Administration. But each of the countries that I’m going to have a job to play in this effort also. I’ll press the entire case for clean energy in both Japan and South Korea, to check out ways to utilize Indonesia as well. Orville Schell’s commentary with time magazine this week reminds us that cooperation on clean energy and higher efficiency offers a genuine opportunity to deepen the entire U.S.-Chinese relationship.

So we will work hard with the Chinese to make partnerships that promote cleaner energy resources, better energy efficiency, technology transfers that can benefit both nationwide countries, and other strategies that simultaneously protect the environment and promote financial growth. Marc twirling. In answer to a question from Michele EhlersHow can we upgrade our American wish to a global vision that the planet earth can sustain which is supportable for each individual? If we Americans desire to be known for our leadership in the world and be recognized as true companions in global development, we need to take on a new style of life that’s lasting and possible for each human being. How can you best advocate that?

But I believe it is an issue that people need to be smart about handling. We have such an opportunity here, and I’m wishing that, you understand, some of the provisions that made their way through the difficult discussions on the stimulus package will have the result of assisting to jumpstart and support research.

We’ve got to get back to supporting basic technology in the us. It’s one of our best advantages. And we’ve not been keeping up with our prospect of leading the real way in technology, technology, and research. THEREFORE I would wish that the answer to the question asked doesn’t, in any Americans’ minds, type of create the image that in some way, we’d have to give up our life-style.

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And I just don’t buy that. I don’t believe that is the way forward. Now, do we must change some of how we live? Yes. But, you know, changing to streamlined fluorescent light bulbs is not the kind of sacrifice that is going to undermine the quality of our life. MS. DESAI: You know, in Australia, they curently have made that as a laws now. SECRETARY CLINTON: That’s right.

SECRETARY CLINTON: That’s right. MS. DESAI: Well, it’s type of – you discuss smart power in international relationships. SECRETARY CLINTON: That’s right. SECRETARY CLINTON: Yeah, smart grids. SECRETARY CLINTON: Smart cars. SECRETARY CLINTON: You understand, After all, it’s not going to happen overnight. But the idea that we just continue postponing the future when we’re said to be the country into the future is so contrary to our nature. And it is, I think, causing some puzzlement round the world. You know, whether or not we have today’s battery industry is up to us.

Whether or not we’ve a good electric grid that will save energy and be able to decentralize energy production and utilization is up to us. If we type our way through our vehicle crisis and finish up with cars that are energy savers as – insofar as transportation permits is up to us. And you may decrease the list.

These aren’t somebody else’s responsibility, and I think we must have a very significant government commitment, and that’s what we’re looking to do in the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. It’s difficult to make the case still. MS. DESAI: On that be aware, we should bring this to an last end. I just want to say that with our foreign policy in your hands, our heart reaches ease.

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