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I am probably a lot like you! I really like being a mom and I thought to a good job, I had to give up taking care of me-in order to look after my kids. As my 3rd baby contacted his 1st birthday, A breaking was reached by me point. I NEEDED to take care of me-because I had formed nothing left! I couldn’t match my kids any longer!

I had a need to FIND ME again. I created a “NO EXCUSES” mantra and informed my children it was time to change our behaviors. A pal offered a free of charge clean eating group, which changed my life forever. I used to be longer a victim to sugar addiction no, my energy improved, and I actually started to WANT real food-vegetables even!

Then, I became a member of a challenge group that offered me a whole workout program I could do at home, support from my very own personal coach as well as other moms on the same journey as me. As time passes, I lost over 30 lbs and got in the best form of my entire life.

I gained some “fit mama” friends who have helped me stay dedicated even on hard days. And more than anything, I realized how much EVERY mama’s health issues! Soon after I reached my big weight loss goal, I then found out I had been pregnant with my fourth baby. He’s now an active child and I’ve learned that there really is no “objective” to living a wholesome, fulfilling life!

We just do our best every single day. I am on the mission to create healthy romantic relationships, family-friendly clean formulas, and to motivate mamas almost everywhere on the journey to a happier, more balanced life. I am here to help you! Just complete the form below and I’ll maintain touch!

  • 1 Year: 40% unwanted weight loss
  • 4 cloves garlic, sliced
  • Start Atkins diet for 2 weeks prior to the surgery to reduce the fat around your liver
  • Stronger nails
  • Personal training: $50-$150 per session
  • Running Program
  • 4 oz. Unsweetened Applesauce
  • 7990 East 51st Street

I am NOT quitting my distance running or my jiu jitsu. How am I going to get the time to include even MORE exercise to my day? And what happens whenever we have a family? ENTER BEACHBODY. I attempted the 21-Day Fix on the desperate whim. Each morning It was only half an hour, that I could roll out of bed and do. The diet seemed like too much food.

I was likely to get weight. It included carbs. There was no real way this would would. I had developed always hated workout videos, therefore I was convinced that wouldn’t normally be fun or effective. I had been SO incorrect. 6lbs. 7 inches. 1 dress size. This might not seem like a complete lot to you.

But consider it. It happened in 3 weeks. LESS than a month! Yeah, it worked. And it’s sustainable. But the biggest change was my attitude. I sensed AMAZING. Confident. Passionate. Sexy. I wish to wear a bathing suit. I’ve NEVER wanted to wear a bathing suit. Downside: I needed to replace my entire closet. I’ve continued my trip since that first circular, finding new options for my own body and a new love for health and fitness. This is a big passion for me personally now.

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