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The following post was posted by John Keeley, NEI’s Senior Manager of Media Relations. We posted a video featuring John back again on January 10 when he was about to begin a training course at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station on nuclear power vegetable systems. This week and submitted this overview John completed the course.

Against all chances – and certainly counter to any wagers my science trainers from my formal education would have made – I handed Palo Verde’s Plant Systems course this month. Michael Sexton and I shot another video about my odyssey, titled ‘Miracle in the Desert,’ and in it I try to articulate how meaningful success in the course is if you ask me powerfully.

Foreign bank or investment company accounts, which were iced following the PNDC arrived to power shortly, have been permitted since mid-1985, in a proceed to increase local items of foreign exchange. Foreign currency accounts might be kept in virtually any of seven certified banks, with interest exempt from Ghanaian taxes and with exchanges overseas clear of forex control restrictions. Forex earnings from exports, however, are specifically excluded from these arrangements. The Ghana Stock Exchange began operations in November 1990, with twelve companies regarded as the best performers in the national country. Although there have been stringent minimum investment requirements for registration on the exchange, the government hoped that share ownership would encourage the forming of new companies and would increase savings and investment. By the ultimate end of 1990, the aggregate effect of price and volume motions acquired led to a further 10.8 percent reduction in market capitalization.

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