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This calendar year was another interesting 12 months in digital the area, numerous items on my list of 2012 trends carrying on to see good traction. 3 public-networking sites. We noticed the IPOs of many big, digital companies, like Groupon, LinkedIn, Zynga, and Facebook (with very combined outcomes). We saw mobile computing continues steadily to take tell the mass proliferation of smart tablets and phones, including Google acquiring Motorola. We noticed Apple continue their meteoric success, in the first calendar year post Steve Jobs.

And, Congress exceeded the working careers Work, laying the groundwork for crowdfunding for startups in a long time. Consumers Taking Control from Brands/ Brand Shouting Evolves to Consumer Listening via Personalized Omni-Channel Techniques. Brands no have control of a one-directional conversation using their customers much longer, where they shoutout mass-marketing messages and force-feed consumers products they may or may not want one-size-fits-all. Enter the era of omni-channel marketing, that puts the client at the center of most business decisions leading to highly customized products and user encounters based on hearing the desires of their consumers. This development will material benefit both consumer through personalization, and the brand, who’ll have a primary communication collection into their customers now.

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This shift will ultimately harm and disintermediate merchants, who have historically controlled all communications with customers as the intermediary for the brands. Look for brands to evolve social media attempts from buying display ads pushing products, to buying social hearing research to help learn what consumers want. Advertising Shifting from Demographics to Behaviors. Demographics-driven advertising based on a target customer’s age group, income, gender, education, etc. is quickly changing into behavior-driven focusing on, predicated on the psychographics, lifestyle passions, and behaviors of like-minded customers, regardless of demographics.

Big Data Evolves to Smart Data. We all know big data is exploding, creating tons of learning opportunities for companies, but creating plenty of growing aches and pains along the way, given having less advanced tools to funnel such data into actionable insights. Second Screens/Tv & Web Merging. Consumers are consuming content in materially different ways than they have in the past.

Mobile Dominates/Desktop PC on Life Support. The king is dead, long live the king. Hyperlocal Marketing/In the Aisle. No longer will we be getting mass-marketing coupons in Sunday newspapers or paper coupons after looking into at the store register, post-shopping. 2 right now. Location-based technologies is moving beyond the street level, to the store shelf level, which starts up a whole world of real-time marketing opportunities, dis-intermediating old school marketing techniques along the way. Business Evolving to Discovery Engines.

People love to search, in their offline shopping experience. To day, e-commerce is been less about browsing, and more about keyword searching for specific items in a very “solution powered” user experience. That is needs to change. The newest generation of e-commerce sites are being designed to help you browse categories of products now, learning about new items that you might or might not know you even wanted.

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