The Creative Artwork Of Managing Motives And Making Money

Achieving balance is not easy. Most of the right time, we’ll have a tendency to lean more to one part. Whatever we do, there’s always a purpose behind it. Good or bad, there is a motive. I’m in my last semester of studies and amazingly the module is on plan. This is an elective module which is very different from the econs and finance modules i’ve been taking.

I have to review the motives behind the plans that the federal government makes and how they balance cultural and economic motives. It’s an arts major component. Social justice or economic prosperity? There is always a debate of whether a authorities policy is perfect for the welfare of its people or simply about making money? The federal government cannot have way too many policies for welfare but not have the ability to generate income in order to maintain it.

The federal government also cannot have zero welfare insurance policies but everything is about making money. A balance has to be achieved to win the hearts of its people. The national authorities has an enormous responsibility in policy making. These policies change the direction of the country and impacts our lives indefinitely. Filmmakers who publish movies likewise have a responsibility in the films they produce. These films changes the mindset and culture of people and indirectly impacts our lives. They can produce a movie which depicts bad moral values or they can create a movie which lifts the moral standards of society. Film makers for social revenue or justice?

There have been numerous ethnic films which gained international honours at the oscar and cannes film festival. Bringing the picture one step nearer to home, local home grown director Anthony Chen, earned the cannes film event Camera d’Or award for best feature film for his movie Ilo Ilo. That is a film on the life of the Singaporean family who employed a Filipino maid and the way the maid integrated to get area of the Singaporean family culture.

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It is a straightforward film with a heart-warming message behind it. Both of the movie directors made a direct effect to culture and at the same time their film was recognised which created earnings. This is earning money with a purpose. Over the other end, we see people using unethical ways to earn money. They cheat, they lie and they cause harm to society. That is making money for the sake of money just.

Do we conduct business just to generate income? Do we invest to make money just? What’s our motive behind earning money? If our motive for doing something is just for the money, then money does not have any purpose at all. Focus instead on creating value. Be it running a business, investing or your workplace, create value which will make a direct effect to society.

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