The Print Shop 5.0 User Guide

In order to start with the set-up process, we should first determine which version you have purchased. At this right time there are two ways to buy the software. As being a retail disc or as an electronic download. Mart or BestBuy will include the DVD and a small insert, which include an activation key. 1. Insert the disc into the DVD drive in your personal computer. 2. The set up should start automatically or provide a pop-up asking you what you will prefer to do. 3. 1. Select Start. 3. Right Go through the DVD drive including The Print Shop 3.0 disc. 4. Left-Select Open.

5. Double Left Click on Setup.exe. 2. If your email supplier allows, you can go through the link to start your download. If not, you will need to copy and paste the hyperlink from your email into your Internet browser’s address pub. 3. You will be prompted to perform your download or save it.

  • 5 years back from Maryland, USA
  • Bad uptime (click to see stats)
  • Rule 7 – Let exceptions bubble up until you properly recover and/or report them
  • Is there any possibility of installing Elsawin 5.3, with databases and functionalities
  • When prompted, type a security password for the main account

Choose Save so that way if you ever require the capability to reinstall this program you should have the files to take action. 4. Once your download completes, you should get another quick asking if you want to perform the installer document from the completed download. 6. If it picks up that you will be lacking an upgrade the installer will fast you to install these now. Once the updates are complete the installer will proceed to the next phase automatically. 7. From here you should follow the on display prompts to complete the set up.

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