ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation In OC30 Review

Here’s an assessment on ZA Makeup products Perfect Fit Two-Way Powder Foundation in OC30. D I’ve started wearing makeup as soon as the entire year 2000 (I really believe I had been in Grade 6 then. Funny that I forgot haha! ZA Cosmetics was my first, very pricey face natural powder! It once arrived in a white square case with the portrayed phrase ZA published on the cover.

I didn’t care back then if the powder appeared freakishly white for my skin tone (because I didn’t have an inkling about proper make-up application in any way!) because I loved its coverage and oil control really. I’m happy that it’s back! Perfect Fit Two-Way Base poreless claims, long- wearing coverage with its micro-fine powder particles. 8 shades that cater to Pink, Yellow, and Neutral pores and skin tones. Just like Shiseido’s Powder Foundation (which owns ZA Cosmetics, btw), you have to choose the case and powder refill separately in the beginning. Frankly, I love the packaging now than before just because it’s PINK! Here’s the powder refill. The darkest color is OC30, my match in the range.

The powder can be utilized wet or dried out, but I love using it dried out because I dislike getting drinking water areas on my powder. A quick tip Just, if you want to improve the coverage of your powder foundation, just apply a little more moisturizer on your skin-that shall give the powder foundation a creamier effect, you shall get thicker coverage thus! The powder refill, by the real way, has a sticker in the bottom.

Just take away the paper from the tacky part and stick the pan onto the small. Once it’s stuck, you will possibly not want to drive it out of the compact any more because the sticker is so challenging if not, you’ll damage the powder! More about this great and affordable natural powder foundation from ZA Cosmetics following the break! Powder is unscented and coverage is medium to heavy, although you’d still need to conceal dark circles and facial discolorations.

I like how simple the structure of the natural powder is, and it’s slightly creamy and dried out persistence will surely suit a wide range of epidermis types such as greasy, dry, and combination dry/oily, oily/normal, or dry/normal. For dried out skin types, I would advise to apply moisturizer prior to utilization still.

OC30 is a medium beige color with yellow undertones, but the SPF 20 imparts a white ensemble on me and it shows in photos. The natural powder has good smoothing effects and I love that coverage just appears like second skin-it doesn’t appear powdery and cakey! I sometimes utilize this product as a environment natural powder for my under lids and eye too.

Oil Control is great: It takes around 5 hours before I retouch my T-Zone, albeit coverage fades for a little after that–this is the full case if the weather is extremely hot, but whether it’s cold, coverage stays on longer. If used in combination with a primer, fading is reduced further even. ZA Cosmetics’ coverage feels even lighter. This natural powder foundation’s darkest shade might be considered a lil’ off for my skin tone, but I just dust Bronzer on top of it and I’m good!

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Oh, I’m also pleased to know that it is still the same ol’ natural powder foundation that I fell in love with back 2000! Please visit ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product. Join my BIGGEST giveaway for the year. Over P100,000.00 worth of beauty luggage to be gained!

Give your skin room to breathe by using soft, natural products and not slathering on thick potions and lotions that stop it from respiration. Eating right, drinking lots of water, and being active are all the foundations for getting that celebrity complexion – believe me! You’re created in your skin and will expire in your skin, so look after it.

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